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Sunpower Folding Charger

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300W Sunpower Folding Solar Panel Charger

Sunpower Folding Charger

Model H300
Peak-power (W) 300W
  VPM (V) 18V 
Maximum Current (A) 16.7A 
Voc (V) 20.2V
Isc (A) 18.70A
Maximum System Voltage (V) 1000V
Cells Conversion (%) 23.50%
Module Conversion (%) 23.50%
Cells Type Sunpower high efficiency solar cell
Cells String NumberPCS Not limited
Cells Specification (mm) 125*125
Peak-power Temperature Coefficient Pm%/℃) -0.45%/
Voc Temperature Coefficient %/℃) -0.35%/
Tolerance % ±5% Isc Temperature Coefficient %/℃) +0.05%/
Working Temperature -20℃~65 Test Standard  Am1.5   25  1000W/
NET Weight   9.1KG/20.02Ibs/320.96oz Specification: Extending Size  112*210*0.3CM/44.09*82.68*0.12inch
Foldable Size  56*42*6CM/22.05*16.54*2.36inch
The Structure of Solar Cells  PET+ EVA +Sunpower Solar Cell+ TPT+ Waterproof Cloth 
Accessories  DC cable,10PCS of laptop connectors, cable with crocodile clips
Lead Cable Requirements: Resistance to high and low temperature, anti-sunshine exposure